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Why KIPP Chicago

We push for social, political, and economic equity by increasing the number of students of color who graduate from college, while supporting positive identity formation and social/emotional development. We want schools to do right by kids and families by providing instruction and support that truly empower them. We want to belong to a network of schools working for the same purpose and know that our work contributes to city-wide and nationwide change for people of color.

Over the last five years, an average of 82% of our teachers have returned each year, significantly higher than the local or national averages and in contrast to the general perception of urban charter schools. Additionally, the pathway from teacher to leader is intentionally designed and well-worn. 3.5 times more leaders than in a traditional school model translates to 3.5 times more opportunities for teachers to grow into leadership.

For many of us, joining KIPP Chicago feels like coming home professionally. It’s the school we always wished we worked at, but never knew existed.


Professional Development

KIPP Chicago has a deep commitment to developing its teachers and staff. We seek to deliver unparalleled coaching and development to our teachers, so they can maximize their impact on student achievement.

Team & Family Culture

KIPP Chicago’s teachers create a sense of belonging in their classrooms through strong relationships with students and families. We learn, grow, and support each other to ensure we’re at our best for students.

Sustainability and Growth

We’re committed to providing best-in-class benefits to our teachers and staff. Elements of KIPP Chicago’s benefits package include compensation above the local average, with additional salary for KIPP Chicago’s extended day and year, subsidized health and dental insurance, an annual renewal bonus, and a school calendar designed to maximize sustainability.

“I chose KIPP Chicago because the opportunities for growth and self- development are endless. Students’ drive to excel academically is truly inspirational and it has reignited my own desire to pursue a higher education.”
Cristina Rojas, 5th Bilingual Teacher, KIPP One Academy

“I am proud to work at KIPP Chicago because, as a first generation American and first generation high school/college graduate, I can see myself in many of our students/alumni that we serve. KIPP Chicago fits me because my personal and professional growth is important to the organization and they have provided me opportunities to develop here.”
Pete Gooden, Vice President for Equity & Inclusion

“I’m proud to have joined the KIPP Chicago family. Our daily collaborations strive to advance academic excellence through thoughtful lesson planning. We hold high expectations for our students, with confidence that each child will achieve their own success.”
Jesse Flores, Physical Education Teacher, KIPP One Primary

“I am proud to work at KIPP Chicago because I am an alum of the first KIPP Chicago graduating class and I still believe in KIPP’s values. I love that I am able to work with children who are in the same seats as I was in and provide them with the same knowledge and support as I was given. There is no other school, in my opinion, that supports students to and through college like KIPP.”
Paradise Jackson, Office Manager, KIPP Academy Chicago Primary

The KIPP Journey